EmergiLearn Solutions (ELS) provides courses that are tailored to you and your organization’s needs.

Employee Safety Training

ELS understands that you have a business to run.

We’ll work around your schedule to find the solution that works for you.

ELS can provide an initial course or a refresher program that will keep your staff up to protocol.

CPR and First Aid training for your employees, at your facility, on your schedule.

Being prepared is key.

Family members are turning to you to provide care and services to their loved ones. Provide them the confidence they deserve with a staff prepared to deal with any emergency.

ELS can train your team so they’re ready to respond and provide assistance before the professionals arrive.

Safety training that promotes health and safety.

Having a staff that is prepared to handle the risks of a higher-risk environment pays dividends and classes hosted especially for members’ well-being are growing in popularity.

Why not have us put on a course? We promise that our training mannequins won’t sweat – too much.

Group of workers standing.


Calling all lifeguards, police officers, firefighters, healthcare professionals, and EMTs!  We know that you need that update class. Trust us- we’ve been there and done that.

Whether you or your staff need an initial course, a refresher, or a blood borne pathogens course, ELS understands your needs.  Let us provide the right solution for you!



CPR classroom training session with EmergiLearn Solutions.

EmergiLearn Solutions is proud to offer courses from both the American Safety & Health Institute & American Heart Association curriculums, from beginner/lay rescuer to the healthcare provider.

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Fire Extinguisher & Employee Safety

Fire extinguisher safety training.

The Fire Extinguisher & Employee Safety Training program is designed to focus on enabling employees to properly and safely react to a fire in their work place.

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Child & Babysitter Safety

Child safety training.

The Child and Babysitting Safety training program is designed to focus on supervising, caring for, and keeping children and infants safe in babysitting settings. The program provides fundamental information in the business of babysitting, proper supervision, basic caregiving skills, and responding properly to ill or injured children or infants.

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Blood entering water in a wine glass.

American Safety & Health Institute’s Bloodborne Pathogens program includes information that will help students understand what bloodborne pathogens are and how risks of exposure can be reduced for themselves and others.

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